Special sessions

The Conference Scientific Programme will consist of special invited plenary lectures, invited and contributed parallel sessions. Rooms can be provided for workshops and special invited sessions during the conference. Please, send all suggestions for Workshops, Invited sessions, Round tables and Open problems sessions to the chairman of the International Scientific Programme Committee Radko MESIAR (e-mail: radko.mesiar@stuba.sk).

Invited plenary lectures are mostly in the morning and they are scheduled for 50 minutes.

Accepted special sessions

Mathematical Methods Towards Dealing with Uncertainty in Applied Sciences
Prof. Svetlana Asmuss, University of Latvia,
Prof. Irina Perfilieva, University of Ostrava

The aim of this session is to discuss mathematical methods that are focused on elaboration various structured spaces characterizing uncertainty in many of its facets. Another focus is to show that a certain amount of uncertainty is useful in finding weak (robust) solutions to many classical problems in applied fields, connected with dynamic processes, that are modelled by differential, integral, stochastic equations, and their fuzzy versions. We solicit contributions that show how sophisticated theories contribute to non-trivial solutions to problems in applied sciences including those that are ill-defined or have non-standard solutions.